Term 1 2015
Opening: Tuesday 13th January 2015. Half term: Thursday and Friday 26th and 27th February 2015 Closing: Kindergarten: Wednesday 1st April 2015. Primary: Thursday 2nd April 2015.
Ungandan Educational Conference
Our teachers are attending an Educational Conferecne in Uganda from 5th to 7th Janaury 2015.
Newsletter 2014
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Our Vision

We wish our children to grow up into strong and creative human beings with initiative for their life in order that each child can reach his/her full potential.

We are working to build a school where children from many different backgrounds - social, cultural and religious - can grow and learn together in a healthy environment and where:

  • the culture and languages of all children are valued
  • our environment, animals, and plants are cared for and nourished
  • the uniqueness of Africa is cultivated
  • teachers and parents strive to understand the principles of Steiner education

We want to create an interest and understanding for Steiner education within the local community and further over Kenya.

University Of Nairobi